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Protect Your Car During Winter With Zaino

Posted by Jonny Jones on

BMW 3 Series Touring Prepared with Zaino

Winter roads bring increased levels of dirt, grime and salt. Protect your paintwork, glass and tyres with Zaino:

Zaino Z-7

Z-7 is our gloss-enhancing shampoo. You can use Z-7 in a snow foam lance as a safe pre-wash to remove initial contaminants. Use in a wash bucket as part of your two-bucket safe hand wash. Once the vehicle is dry you'll notice increased levels of gloss.


ZAIO is the go-to All-In-One paint finish renovation product. A favourite amongst enthusiasts and professionals, ZAIO will remove light paint marks and defects and leave a protective layer behind. Apply by hand to create an ideal surface to apply the next range of products:

Zaino Z-2

Z-2 is our modern paint finish polymer sealant. Once application can last up to 6 months and will protect your paint from the sun, road grime, bird mess and the elements. It'll also leave any paint colour looking incredibly glossy.

Zaino Z-3

Z-3 does much the same thing as Z-2, but has been developed for traditional paint types that do not feature a top clear-coat. This product is ideal if you find your paint fading throughout the summer months due to oxidisation.

Zaino Z-5

Z-5 is perhaps the most famous Zaino product! It is a polish and sealant in one product. It'll remove mild paint defects and leave an incredible gloss behind, as well as protection from the sun and elements for up to 6 months.

Zaino Z-8

Z-8 is our Grand Finale spray sealant. Use on top of ZAIO, Z-2 and Z-5 for even more durable protection and, most importantly, dripping-wet gloss.

Zaino Z-6

Z-6 is our gloss-enhancing quick detailing spray. Perfect for use after you've dried your vehicle as part of your maintenance wash. Z-6 will remove minor water marks and can be used on light bird mess. The sherbet scent makes you go back for more!

Zaino Z-16

Your tyres deserve as much attention as your paint. Z-16 is our perfect tyre dressing. It will make your car 'pop' and add that all-important contrast after you've Zaino'd your paint. Z-16 also protects your tyre walls from the sun and elements, reducing the chance or premature fatigue and cracks.

Zaino Z-12

Z-12 removes water spots and other blemishes from your glass. It also leaves behind a protective layer to help with wet weather driving. Z-12 is safe for use on standard glass as well as perspex, making it usable on motorcycle screens and helmets.

Combined, the above collection will help you maintain your car during the colder months and help you clean your car faster. The nights draw in quicker, so anything to help the process will always be worth it.

Additionally, polishes and sealants make it harder for road contaminants to stick to your car, so putting in the effort with your paintwork when you can will pay dividends in the long-term.


If you require further advice for products or technique, please do contact us as we'll be happy to assist.

The Zaino Europe Team.

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