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Here's some feedback that has been kindly sent in by some of our customers...

 "Previously, I wasn’t really a fan of sealant products as I have always used a high end wax as a final product however, I decided to try the Zaino system and ordered Z2, ZFX, Z6 and Z8 but didn’t get chance to use them until this week.

The car was washed, clayed, washed again and then wiped down with 50/50 IPA/distilled water to ensure all traces of previous products were removed before trying the Zaino. I mixed the Z2 with 4 drops of ZFX and applied the first coat with interest. Z2 went on very thinly and easily then was left for approx 30 minutes before removal – it came off as easily as it went on. No fussing and hard buffing were required.

A coat of Z6 was then applied before repeating the procedure twice further After the final Z6, a single coat of Z8 was applied, which was also a joy to use with no smearing whatsoever – Z8 smells fantastic and is, just as it says on the bottle “Grand Finale”. For those who have pale metallic cars, I can say (without reservation) that Z2 (x3) followed by Z6 after each coat of Z2 finished off with a single coat of Z8 deliver the sharpest, mirror like results I have achieved - that draws comparison to most of the well know higher end waxes that I have used.

Before you ask – no, I don’t work for Zaino. Put purely and simply, the products mentioned above are in my opinion, superb."


 "Hi Zaino Europe

I just wanted to say how impressed i am after using your products on 
my friends MK2 GTi.
After washing the GTi using the 2bm with my new zaino buckets,I went 
onto clay with Z18, machine polish the paintwork ready for a layer of 
AIO, mixed up 1 ounce of Z2 pro with 5 drops of ZFX and i still had 
some left after 3 coats! a little really does go a long way. Tyers 
dressed with Z16. Finally finished with a light wipe over with Z8 to 
leave the car looking amazing!"

Mark B

 "I thought I would take some time out to let you guys know why I love Zaino.

Well as most will know I have owned and run Valet Magic since 2002 and got into the thick of detailing approx 4 years ago and have always longed to find a single brand I could use on all my detailed cars and that the customers loved the finish and durability of.
I cant find a better product to give to my customers regardless of cost and because of this I will continue to use Zaino products. The products are very easy to use and a bottle really does go along way.
So for all you out there looking for a brand that gives that extra mile look no further than Zaino."

Robbie Orlando - Valet Magic

"Hi, just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the Zaino products i have used recently. 

I have been detailing cars as a hobbyist for a number of years now and when the Zaino hype started i was a little reluctant to jump on the band wagon... how wrong was I !?

ZAIO was the first product I used, its works into the paint easily (via DA polisher), dries pretty quickly and buffs with incredible ease. The finish it leaves is apparently LSP ready and I can believe that claim too. I chose to progress through the kit I purchased though so then applied Z2 with ZFX to speed the curing process. This product really blew me away. I was visibly able to see added gloss and shine to the paint, the clarity of the finish was beyond anything I had seen before.

In total i applied 2 layers of Z2 with a Z6 wipe down in between each application (Z6 being a very accomplished product on its own as well). The paint was then left for an hour or so to settle before being finished with Z8.

Z8 must be the most complete spray sealant I have used to date, its adds a slickness and "sparkle" to the paint which has been lacking in other sealants, adding to the depth and gloss created by the previous products.

Overall I am delighted with the products I have used to date. I can see that my Zaino kit list is going to grow as and when I need to replenish other products."

Nigel - Jan 2011 

 "I'm new to Zaino, but I won't be going back to anything else in the near future...! I was a little confused at first as to the array of products but the after reading through the web site it all became clear. I began with using Zaino AIO as a foundation. Two coats of Z2 were then added to the base coat of AIO, using ZFX as a curing accelerator / bonding agent. Z6 was used as a quick detailing wipe down between Z2 coats. The final stage was a finishing layer of Z8. The result, quite simply, STUNNING..! The best thing about Zaino is that it can be as simple or as extensive as you want it to be, from a single coat of AIO to multiple follow on applications of Z2 or Z5. I simply have not come across another car care range as versatile as Zaino."

Kevin - July 2008

 "I have owned my Nugget Yellow Corrado for 4 years now and always struggled to get the finish I felt was lurking within.  Good standards of preparation over the four years gave the car a smooth feel to the paintwork but every wax I applied failed to give the car a "wow" factor.  Waxes tried included Collinite, Zymol, Swissvax and numerous Dodo Juice.  After much contemplation I decided to give Zaino a try - following a chat with several people I ordered Z-PC, Z3, ZFX, Z6 and Z8.  Car was clayed and instructions followed.  Zaino is nothing like as challenging to apply as some people said and the results were astounding.  Depth of reflection (the mssing link for the last four years) is there in abundance - first time out the car secured Runner-Up spot at the Corrado Club of Great Britain National Day Show and Shine, not bad for 17 year old paint.

Now a total Zaino convert."

Andy Williams

 "I initially started using the Zaino system by applying three layers of Z2 Pro with ZFX to my Audi A4. After being struck by the incredible finish, I started to appreciate the benefits of the Zaino system.

My car stays cleaner for far longer with Zaino applied, than any wax product ever managed, this is a huge benefit when driving alot of miles each week.

The car washes so easily and with a quick Z7 wash and quick detail of the car with Z8, the car looks like it has just received a full detail, even months after original application.

The durability of Zaino has simplified car maintenance for me. I now follow a routine allowing me to give the car some serious attention twice yearly and know the car is well protected throughout the year. It is great not having to renew the wax on the car in the freezing winter as Zaino lasts from autumn until spring without problem."


 "Zaino products in my professional opinion are probably the best engineered polymer sealant range produced in the world. Having detailed cars professionally for over many years, using a multitude of different product ranges, I have yet to come across another sealant range that comes close in looks, durability and ease of maintenance. It was an instant hit with me and my clients when I first started using it over 4 years ago. Many manufacturers will make wild exaggerated claims about their products, Zaino to coin a phrase “does what it says on the tin”.

In my profession I am looking at cars all the time. It is so good I once had to take a second look at a parked car just because it looked so stunning! Only to realise it was a vehicle that belonged to a client, that I had detailed with Zaino products 4 months previously.

That speaks for itself.

A definite must for any serious car enthusiast that wants a stunning, durable and easily maintainable finish."

Zaff Hussain
Project Karma